Tuesday @ 10 am (Tuesday Bible Study)

- Peter Hyun Ho Park, Ph.D., the leader

The Tuesday Bible study discusses Christian doctrines, teachings from the Bible, and their ramifications. In February of 2019, we launched our new study, “Crazy Love” where we study our heavenly Father’s outrageous love for us and our appropriate response to His love.

You’re invited to come to our Bible Study and be a part of exciting discussion and learning.


Past Bible Studies

The Explicit Gospel — Matt Chandler

Thursday @ 11 am (Women’s Bible Study)

- Judith Kuftin, the leader

In Thursday’s Women’s Bible study, we have in-depth conversations on the Bible, share our concerns, prayers, and joys, and pray for one another. At Grace United Methodist Church, women have vital roles to play in church activities and deeply care for each other.

Currently women’s Bible study group is having a book study, “The Case for Easter”, which all find enlightening.


Past Bible Studies

The Case for Easter — Lee Strobel
The Case for Christmas —
Lee Strobel
What’s So Amazing About Grace?
Philip Yancey
The Red Tent — Anita Diamant

The scripture . . . is the fountain of heavenly wisdom, which they who are able to taste, prefer to all writings of men, however wise, or learned, or holy.
— John Wesley