“We Create, Give, and Support.”

(Ministry of Giving)

Creations has been an integral part of Grace UMC’s ministry. Every Thursday afternoon the members of Creations come together, share lunch, sew and quilt. They give their quilts to those who are ill, for special occasions, and donate to their mission to help impoverished children. 

“They donated 26 quilts, 2 of which were given the parents for the baptism of their children. They have made 250 dresses and provided 54 t-shirts for children in Haiti. Creations has made walking bags for seniors, and gave two fleece blankets to the Sunrise Senior Center.”

— 2018 Annual Report at the Charge Conference, Oct. 28.

quilts in the making

quilts in the making

“Come, be Amazed, and be Comfortable.”

(Semi-Annual Boutique)

Creations held its semi-annual Boutique (Quilt & Craft sale) in the Spring and in the Fall, first Friday and Saturday of April and November. Shoppers find unique beautiful and hand-made quilts and assorted crafts, including baskets and jewelry made by artisans from impoverished countries.

“Blessing Baskets were sold at the Quilt and Craft sale show raising $450 and raised $1,064 for the African Team Ministry by selling their jewelry. They also donated $1,000 to the Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Family Services.”

— 2018 Annual Report at the Charge conference, Oct. 28.

semi-annual boutique

semi-annual boutique

You made our girls so happy. We appreciate you for all you do!

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift.

— G.

“It was so beautiful and took my breath away.”

What a wonderful group of women you are, so talented and giving of your time.  

— V.L.


“You have touched so many lives with your quilt ministry.”

There simply are no words to express how blessed I feel to have been gifted with your beautiful quilt! 

— M.H.

“Wholeheartedly wonderful!”

Thank you for the quilt and your friendship and love. The word for all may be “Remarkable” better yet - wholeheartedly wonderful.  

— J.K.

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