2018 Fall Boutique: Endnote

A slow and quiet beginning became a really busy and noisy event, as the 2018 Fall Boutique kicked off on Friday evening, Nov. 2nd. People from the community—regulars and newcomers—were delighted to see the handmade quilts, baskets, jewelry, and other items of interest. On the Boutique’s second day, Saturday, Nov. 3rd, Grace UMC housed this wonderous display of gifts. The room was full of people who constantly said, “Ooh” and “Aah”, as they were amazed at the uniquely handmade quilts and the variety of handiwork. Some visitors said they felt blessed to purchase and contribute to the missions of our church.

We gratefully acknowledge Kathy Perisho, a founder of Creations of Grace, and her sister, Marilyn Hungerford, for designing, creating, and donating some of the quilts for this event. We also appreciate Karen Gallaway, Creation’s director, and the assistance of Bonnie Linton, as well as members of Grace UMC, their families and friends whose efforts made the 2018 Fall Boutique possible and truly memorable.