Finding Grace in Adopting a Family

Shortly after the November 8, 2018 Camp Fire in Northern CA, I found a Facebook page called, "Paradise Fire Adopt a Family" which then only had 3,000-4,000 members.  It has now grown beyond 33,000. The page was created to allow survivors to vent their hurt, fright, frustrations and to reach-out for assistance.  As a result, the entire world has come to the aid of those who were affected by the fire.  Since most people lost everything they owned besides what they were wearing as they fled, they need everything, and it has given me great joy to help in the simplest ways.

So, how did I reach out?  Someone requested a King James bible, and I had one to send.  Many asked for thermal, blackout curtains, and I had 6 unused sets to give.  I also gave away half of my costume jewelry, and convinced many girlfriends to do the same.  I found TWO free DVD players on Nextdoor and then posted asking for free DVDs, and received approximately 500 DVDs.  The community really came through!  I also found an Elvis lover who lost all of her mementos, so I sent her many Elvis books and other souvenirs I had collected.  Ladies missed their perfume, so I sent a few bottles.

I encourage everyone to visit the Paradise Adopt a Family page because there are still thousands in need.  It's a long road to recovery after an event such as a fire.  I guarantee that you will read about a unique need that you could help with, and in some cases, just sending a thoughtful greeting card or promising to pray for them will provide cheer and encouragement to someone who needs it.

— Lisa Nelson