Grace in the Banana Bread

On the 1st day of the 2018 Fall Boutique, I saw an elderly lady, a wheelchair user, and, next to her, her daughter buying cupcakes for her mother. The lady looked and sounded somewhat headstrong, as she made her choices. I couldn’t figure out who she was: ‘Maybe a customer who came for the Boutique,’ I concluded. Then, her friend, Monzelle, came and talked to me, saying “I want to introduce you to my friend, Hilda.” I realized right at the moment that it was the 92-year-old German lady whom she always spoke about. 

I went up to Hilda and said, “Hello.” Then, Hilda began speaking to me in German! I lost words and thought, I can understand English, but German? All those years of studying German were for naught! So, I did what I usually do, when somebody speaks a foreign language that I cannot understand. I smiled and nodded my head. Then, Monzelle intervened and told Hilda, “You have to speak English to him.” Then, Hilda began speaking in English to me. She said many things that I can’t recall now. Yet, I still clearly remember that she was funny and did not let me go. If it had not been closing time for the Boutique, she would have gone on forever. I told her, before we parted that “It was nice seeing you and I hope to see you again soon.” This elderly, vibrant, lady was very sweet, happy, and funny. What a joy it was to meet her.

Days passed. And on Tuesday, before beginning our Bible study, Monzelle took out a loaf of bread and said, “Pastor Peter. This is special Banana Bread that Hilda baked for you. She said, “This is for the preacher so that he may remember me.” She liked you and the conversation you had with her last Friday.” I was astounded because of all the work she did to bake that bread. It took 14 bananas, 1 cup of sugar, some nuts, flour, and other ingredients. Overwhelmed and blessed, I told the people in the Bible study, “Let’s share the bread together.” They said, “You keep it, Peter, and take it home. She made it just for you.” I thought of her, her gift, and that God’s Grace was in it. She shared her heart with a new young preacher, and my heart is deeply  grateful for her. I don’t have the words to express what a grateful and graceful moment that was for me. This is my Grace Moment.

Pastor Peter Hyun Ho Park